Starting entrepreneurs

This collector's page for budding artists will answer all the questions you are facing as a budding entrepreneur.


As a beginning artist, you often find yourself with quite a few questions. How do I set up my business? How much can I charge for my work? Which jobs do I take on and which jobs do I not? Who do I want to work with? How do I stay inspired?

In the video below, participants of the Mentoring Program talk about the questions they have as young creators and the mentors share some of their sage advice.

Do you recognize yourself in the video above? And would you like to learn more about starting your artistic practice? Then take a look at our knowledge base. There you will find, among others, the following articles that might help you:

In our program you will also find many offerings for you as a beginning artist. For example, come to the Monday Club, where you can find help and supporters for things like writing a grant application, making a budget and sending out a press release.

Finally, Cultuur Academy is not the only platform for (beginning) culture professionals. The following organizations also offer support in the form of online articles, workshops and funding: